We focus on your tomorrow.
We focus on your tomorrow.

Buddy Loan Apps - Know Interest rates, Eligibility, Customer Care Number

Life is unpredictable, one minute you are happy, unaware of what the next moment might bring. Life is just not a bed of roses; it comes with thorns as well. Similarly, when we talk about life it is a combination of all kinds of high and lows. In such lows you might even face a financial emergency. For times like such, we make sure that we are just a click away from you with our buddy app which gives you the access to the quick and easy personal loans without any hassle.
With our buddy app nothing seems to be hard but is seamless and much simpler. It not only provides personal loan but also helps you to go through all the deals and offers currently running in this sector for your benefits and lets worries take go on a vacation.
Some features of buddy app which will leave you amazed;
1. buddy app has consistently shown a higher rate of approval with more than 80% applications.
2. this app not only understands your needs but also values your time. Therefore works on instant approval.
3. It has a wide range of loan amount to chose from without giving it a second thought, that is, __________ to _________ amount.
4. along with desired loan amount, you also get to choose a flexible tenure of ______ to ______ as per your situations or circumstances without going through much of the trouble.
5. it offers you with the lowest interest in the market, that is , ______
6. processing fee for any loan amount would be 2% of the amount sanction + GST.
Why to think of buddy app when in financial crisis?

1. completely digital, paperless without you running around the offices. Right from approval then disbursement to repayment, all just with ease of your comfort.
2. buddy app ensures transparency as well as the security when it comes to providing services or sharing the data, or even better while making deals. Everything and every step is packed with security.
3. buddy app does not impose any kind of charge on the pre closure of the loan.
4. your credit history is all that matters, which opens a wide door for non collateral loan option, Hence no pledged security required.
5. 24X7 customer service, it guides you with the strong customer service regarding any product or procedure available on buddy app
6. it improves your financial credibility by increasing your credit score. Ona and if you pay your loan on time with regularity .

Financial Tools

Axis Bank

Vistara Credit Card

Annual Fee: ₹ 1500

Joining Fee: ₹ 1500


Citi Cashback Credit Card

Annual Fee: ₹ 1000

Joining Fee: ₹ 1000

Save more on: Cashback

Indusind Bank

Legend Credit Card

Annual Fee: ₹ 0

Joining Fee: ₹ 9999


Personal Loan

Int Rates : 10.25% – 21%

Max Tenure : 5

Loan Amt : ₹ 50,000.00

Lowest EMI : ₹ 2,137.00


Financial Tools

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