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30 Lakh Personal Loan

Looking forward to opting for a 30 lakhs personal loan soon? Read on to find out all the details regarding the 30 lakhs EMI loan calculator at My Fastmudra. Find out your 30 lakh loan EMI for competitive interest rates in India.

30 Lakh Personal Loan

Personal loans are provided by banks and financial institutes in India to customers who require monetary support for emergency purposes. Financial emergencies do not take place with a prior warning. Medical situations may arise at any moment and can be quite expensive. You can take a personal loan for your educational expenses or wedding costs or even cover a trip you want to take for some reason.

Several banks and financial institutes offer different personal loan schemes depending on customers’ requirements. Using a 30 lakhs loan EMI calculator will make your instalment calculation easy before applying for a personal loan.

No matter your requirement, a 30 lakhs loan EMI calculator will give you the exact instalment amount you will have to pay during your selected tenure. It will help you make a strategy to manage your finances well during your repayment period. 

This article closely covers all the necessary points regarding a personal loan of up to 30 lakh. If you intend to apply for a 30 lakhs personal loan soon, here is all that you need to keep in mind.

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Top Banks For Rs. 30 Lakhs Personal Loan

Several banks in India provide several personal loan schemes to eligible customers. Make sure you thoroughly go through all the schemes before choosing a loan that suits your affordability and requirements.

Go through the chart to compare the processing fees you will have to pay along with the loan amount and interest rates when you take a loan of 30 lakhs.

Bank NamesProcessing Fees
Axis bankAround 4999/-
RBL bankAround 3.5%
ICICI bankAround 2.25% of the entire loan amount
IDBI bankAround 1%
PNBAround 1.8%
Union Bank of IndiaAround 0.5%
Canara bank0.50%
IIFL2.5% to 4%

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How to Apply for a ₹ 30 Lakh Personal Loan?

There are two ways to apply for a 30 lakh personal loan. Once you use the 30 lakhs loan EMI calculator and decide which scheme you want to go for, you can either apply for the loan online or visit the nearest branch of your preferred bank to apply for the personal loan.

  • To apply for a loan of 30 lakhs, visit the nearest branch of your preferred bank and discuss your requirements with the bank officials. You will have to provide your address proof, age proof, income proof, credit history, and other details to the bank officials. They will guide you further with your application procedure.
  • Calculating your 30 lakh loan EMI and applying for the loan online is comparatively easy. All you have to do is visit the bank’s official website and enter all your personal and financial details properly. After submitting the details, wait for the approval of the bank.

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What to Do with an Rs. 30 Lakh Personal Loan?

Personal loans are meant for emergency situations that may arise without any prior warnings. There are several ways that you can utilise your 30 lakhs personal loan. 

Some of the most common ways to spend your 30 lakh loan include:

  • Debt consolidation 
  • Covering wedding costs 
  • Education expenses 
  • Medical emergency expenses 
  • Vacation costs
  • Home reconstruction purposes 
  • Moving costs
  • Appliance purchase costs
  • Vehicle purchases

These are some of the most common reasons people take personal loans from banks. Make sure you are clear regarding why you want to take a personal loan and your requirements before applying for one. 

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How Do I Calculate My ₹ 30 Lakh Personal Loan EMI?

The best way to calculate your loan EMI before applying for the loan is to use a 30 lakhs loan EMI calculator.

  • After going through all the loan schemes offered by different banks at the moment, decide which skin you want to go for.
  • Visit your preferred bank’s official website and find the online EMI calculator to proceed further with the calculation of the EMI for 30 lakhs personal loan.
  • Select your preferred loan amount first. It will directly affect your monthly instalments after your loan is approved.
  • Select your preferred tenure. It can be anything between five years to 10/15 years, depending on the bank’s policies.
  • Lastly, select the current interest rate of the bank.
  • After that, your monthly instalments will pop up on the screen. Suppose you are not satisfied with the result you can try different combinations with different repayment periods, interest rates, and principal amounts to determine which scheme would suit your demand the best.
  • You can also use the 30 lakhs EMI calculator from different banks’ official pages to compare different interest rates.

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30 Lakh, Personal Loan EMI for 5 Years & 10 Years

Before you apply for a personal loan, make sure to go through different loan schemes offered by different banks at the current moment. The tenure you choose plays a huge role in determining your monthly instalments. The interest rate that is applied to you also depends on your tenure, along with your credit history, income, and other details.

BanksInterest RatesEMI for 5 YearsEMI for 10 Years
State Bank of India10.30%64,185/-40,145/-
ICICI Bank10.50%10,747/-6,325/-
HDFC Bank11.25%10,747/-6,325/-
Kotak Mahindra Bank11.49%10,600/-6,670/-
Bajaj Finserv12.99%11,400/-7,466/-

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