We focus on your tomorrow.
We focus on your tomorrow.

Health Insurance

Good health refers to being in a condition of complete mental, physical and social well-being but not the mere absence of illness. It is possible to get health insurance coverage when leading a healthy life. But getting a comprehensive health insurance cover may be denied for your near and dear ones on acquiring some illness. Certain medical emergencies are difficult to foresee or prevent.

However, we can account for them with our variety of health insurance plans based on customers’ needs.

Most of the Health insurance plans in India cover medical expenses that arise due to illnesses, and accidents and include most medical or surgical treatments to restore good health. In short, health insurance plans help ease fears, facilitate quality care, offer timely intervention for those affected and allow them to focus more on recovery.

Benefits of Health Insurance Plans

Star Health Insurance offers various health insurance plans to meet customer’s needs and provides hassle-free in-house claim settlement. On buying our health insurance plans, you can benefit from:

  • Cashless Facility

  • Tax Exemptions

  • Value-Added Services

  • Enduring Trust

  • Customer Centric

Cashless Facility from Network Hospitals: Speed is the essence when treating the ailing. The cashless facility supported by our health insurance plans across India is the need of the hour. Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd., processes more than 90% of hospitalization related to mediclaim health insurance claims within 2 hours under the cashless facility and 88% of claims get settled within 7 days on submission of complete documents under reimbursement.

Tax Exemptions: Under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act 1961-2021, an income taxpayer can avail tax exemptions on premium paid towards medical health insurance policies. On buying our health insurance plans, the taxpayer can avail tax exemptions for premiums paid towards self, spouse, dependant children and parents.

Value-Added Services: Star Health Insurance Company provides value-added benefits like e-Medical Opinion, Telemedicine Services, Wellness Programs and rewards (which can be converted to premium discounts on renewals) and many more as value-added services. Star Health Insurance Company justifies being the Health Insurance Specialist.

Enduring Trust: Star Health Insurance, being the Health Insurance Specialist in India upholds the customer values and helps them at times of hospitalization or daycare procedures for medical emergencies.

Customer Centric: Star Health continues to provide convenient digital platforms and communication channels that are accessible and reachable to customers. We aim to meet our customers at the right time, in the right way, with the right care in a way that brings value to our customer’s delight.

Best Mediclaim Health Insurance Policy in India
Health Insurance Plans provide Comprehensive Coverage

Star Health insurance policies or mediclaim plans will cover all 24-hour in-patient hospitalizations due to illness, accidents, and daycare treatments/procedures. All related pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses are also payable up to the specified days mentioned in the policy clause.

Health Insurance Plans provide more Flexibility

Star Health Insurance plans provide more flexible benefits when the policyholder buys a mediclaim policy and goes through certain hardships. For instance when the sum insured gets exhausted, additional coverage is provided without any extra premium. This is where benefits like Automatic Restoration of basic sum insured, Super Restoration of basic sum insured and Road Traffic Accident (RTA) on the sum insured comes into place.

Note: These flexible benefits are product/policy specific. Please refer to the policy clause to know more

Health Insurance Plans Allow Additional Disease-Specific Coverage

With Star Health, the insured can avail of disease-specific policies for critical illnesses, cancer and cardiac ailments along with in-patient hospitalization as a general mediclaim health insurance policy. We have a wide range of mediclaim health insurance policies to choose from like Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy, Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy-Platinum, Star Cancer Care Platinum Insurance Policy, and Star Cancer Care Platinum Insurance Policy.

Health Insurance Plans Cover non-Hospitalization Expenses

The insured can avail of non-hospitalization expenses covered with most of our medical health insurance policies. These include expenses, Dental Treatments, annual health check-ups, outpatient care treatments, diagnostics, consultations, etc.

Our Best Health Insurance Plans

Health issues increase with a sedentary lifestyle and advancement in age to a larger population. The current pandemic situation has underlined the need for health insurance more than ever before. All our policies provide cover for COVID-19, on purchase of a health insurance plan by a healthy individual/family, if diagnosed with COVID-19 and require hospitalization. Covid-19 treatments are covered with some waiting period as mentioned in the policy clauses.

Our varied, feature-rich health insurance plans are available for several health issues and provide peace of mind at times of financial crisis due to medical contingencies and uncertainties.

Health insurance plans primarily are of different types and are classified under two categories based on their coverage – for an Individual and Family.

  • Individual Health Insurance Plan

Buying Individual Health Insurance plans cover an individual person for opted Sum insured, which can be used by the insured individual only.

  • Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

In the context of Family Health Insurance, a family indicates self, spouse and the dependent children and parents.

The Family Floater Health Insurance plan covers an entire family with a single premium, and the sum insured floats among the insured family members. At hospitals across India, the insured and family members can avail of quality-assured in-patient hospitalization, modern treatments, diagnosis, surgeries, etc along with a host of other features.

Why Fast Mudra is a Best Health Insurance Company?

Our motto is to serve the customers with the utmost care. We listen deeply to you, so we can provide health insurance plans that earn your trust.

We are a Health Insurance Specialist, and here goes our list of most recent achievements on our customer-centric policies:

Reasons to choose Fast Mudra Insurance Company as your Insurance Provider
  • Customer–centric company

Products are customer-centric and designed based on customer needs –  Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy, Cancer Care Platinum Insurance Policy, Criticare Plus Insurance Policy, Cardiac Care Insurance Policy-Platinum, Cancer Care Platinum Insurance Policy, Young Insurance Policy, and many more, in the pipeline to serve you just the way our customers want.

Fast Mudra Insurance acts with a set of core values that include trust and integrity with a customer-first mindset. This enables us to go the extra mile for you with our health insurance plans. We consider ourselves privileged to have positively impacted the lives of those who choose to be a part of the family.

  • 90% of claims settled in less than 2 hours under cashless at our network of hospitals

Cashless facility is made available within 2 hours in network hospitals across India. Our in-house claim settlement process is a major factor, which has allowed us to achieve this massive success rate. We ensure a hassle-free claim process and settlement done by qualified in-house doctors.

  • PAN India presence

Ever-growing 13,000+ network hospitals across India.

  • Claims settled by qualified doctors

A dedicated internal team of doctors to process your health insurance plan claims, and fast-track the proceedings. This team also weeds out those who use nefarious methods to gain funds and intend to make gains out of health insurance.

  • No Third-Party Administration (TPA)

A claim does justice only when it is settled within the timeframe. Often, many insurance companies avail services of TPA and are incentivized the claim processing. Star Health Insurance does not depend on the TPA but on our in-house claim team to help process claims faster and settle them in the shortest time during the most needed hour.

  • A high-quality free telemedicine facility for all

Health is inclusive, and we believe in access to everybody, not only our customers. Hence, anyone can avail of our free telemedicine facilities. Talk to Fast Mudra App is a specialized application designed to serve this purpose.

  • Wellness programs

Fast Mudra Insurance supports the active maintenance of good health with unique wellness programs that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

How to claim?

Fast Mudra Claims Services is a hassle-free and customer-friendly process that ensures all settlements are processed promptly. As your health insurance specialist, we make cashless claims available across all our network hospitals in India. Courtesy, attention, speed, and efficiency are the high standards we strive to upkeep. We value our customer’s feedback and work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.

How to get claims faster?
  • The Star Health website contains a list of network hospitals, including Agreed network hospitals.
  • Search from the network list from our website and locate the nearest network hospital to your residence.
  • For planned surgery, approach the hospital prior to the date of admission who will send the completed pre-authorization form.
  • In the pre-authorization form, you are required to furnish your contact number.
  • If details are not complete, approval of the authorization request may be delayed.
Cashless Facility Procedures:

Approach the insurance desk at a network hospital. Intimation can be given either through contacting us at 1800 891 2871 or by e-mail us at info@fastmudra.com

  • Inform the Operator to obtain Claim No.

  • Customer ID / Policy No.

  • Cause of Hospitalization

  • Hospital Name

  • Insured/Patient Name

Planned Hospitalisation can be intimated between 7 to 10 days in advance and intimate for Emergency Hospitalization is within 24 hours of hospitalisation.

  • Register claim.

  • Reach the insurance desk and submit documents at the network hospital.

  • Documents sent to Star Claims Team.

  • Documents verified by our Claim Processing Team.

  • The decision to approve/query/denial of cashless/rejection conveyed to the network hospital within 2 hours.

  • If approved, the claim is settled as per the policy conditions.

  • Payment will reach the network hospital.

  • Pay the difference and get discharged.

Reimbursement claim procedures:

The insured gives prior intimation about the treatment to the insurer and the insured pays the hospital bills. The insured then claims for a reimbursement of those expenses within 15 days from the date of discharge.

Documents to be submitted for Reimbursement claims:

  • Duly completed claim form

  • Pre-admission investigations and treatment papers

  • Discharge summary from the hospital

  • Cash receipts from the hospital and chemists

  • Cash receipts and reports for tests done

  • Receipts from doctors, surgeons and anesthetist

  • Certificate from the attending doctor regarding the diagnosis

  • Copy of PAN card, cancelled cheque or NEFT details

You may also reach out to our 24/7 customer care to get your queries cleared.

Health Insurance
Health Insurance
Health Insurance
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